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'Jacob Hollingsworth Network' does not own any rights to the films presented under  'Jacob Hollingsworth Network Film Reviews' or the publications of the films. 'JHN Film Ratings' are based solely on the viewership, and "JHN" does not hold any regards over the general opinion of a film which is solely based on private opinions of the public and individuals. Also the individuals who submit the 'JHN' reviewer ratings. The ratings are accumulated to present a total viewer's score. 'JHN' does not dictate the outcome of reviewer scores, or alter them in any way. Those who submit reviews are anonymous. The promotions of the submitter's review on any other platform outside of 'JHN' is the right of the submitter at their own personal discretion. 'JHN' does promote films in the social regard to improve viewership in the best interest of the films, and will not slander, degrade, or pose a "distasteful" opinion of a film through language patterns deemed unwarranted by 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network'. All publications presented in the film promotions will not be removed, covered, or replaced by any "JHN FILM RATINGS", or any other 'Jacob Hollingsworth Network' content or logos.
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