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CEO Jacob L. Hollingsworth


Jacob L. Hollingsworth, from St. Louis, MO. is the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Jacob Hollingsworth Network Corporation. Jacob is the 3rd of 5 siblings. He began dancing at the age of 10, and later attended Central Visual and Performing Arts High School where he majored in various art forms as he grew up in a home where art thrived. From music to illustration, the Hollingsworth family studied and trained together. The CEO studied at North Central University for a time before returning home to begin the JHN vision. He later returned to Minneapolis where he then became a licensed Insurance Agent who lead workshops in financial literacy by the age of 24. He's also worked in various avenues in finance from mortgage, securities studies, refinance & more. The Founder combined all of his passions to finally put the JHN vision together.

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Jacob Hollingsworth Network is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota logo.

Minneapolis, MN.


"The vision is to become a visionary. To lead in a new generation. A generation where all creators receive their dues. To become the person they aspire to be. Everyone out there has a story. It's who will take the steps to be the best they can be that will change the world for us all. The ones willing to live and die for what they believe in." - JLH

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