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TERMS/CONDITIONS/REFUNDS: Purchase of Plan "POP Star"or "POP Star [ICON]" is not a contractual agreement, and can be cancelled at ANY time. Becoming a "POP Star"or "POP Star [ICON]" implies that you are a member of the "Jacob Hollingsworth Network, and you agree to the Terms and Condition of "". As a member of "", you are responsible for respectful conduct towards content posted, and to your peers. Member Conduct/Guest Member Conduct are directed and initiated on discretion of the website owner. Any conduct deemed as derogatory, racially or sexually motivated (Slurs, degrading comments or questions, demeaning) is punishable and susceptible based on the site owner's judgement. REFUNDS are also at the discretion of the site owner, but the buyer's best interest will always be the focal point of ANY PURCHASE or CONCERNS. Music used on "" are solely owned by the Originators/Composers and their recording contracts. Redistribution of ANY musical content for self-proclamation and resale goes against copyright laws of the owners. "" credits ALL content and information provided by ALL third-party entities. Use of music on "" does not provide the site with ownership or direct redistribution of the music, or any content used with or without permissions granted. Only the distribution and sales of the content CREATED solely by the website are at discretion of the site owner, and does not grant "" ownership of third-party inclusions.

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